A1 Pooper Scoopin'

Frequently Asked Questions

Puppy and kitten playing on lawn
What does A1 Pooper Scoopin do?

A1 Pooper Scoopin is a professional pet waste removal service that is dedicated to pets and pet owners and makes their homes a happier, safer and cleaner place to live. We clean residential and commercial properties.

How often should I have my yard cleaned?

That depends on your personal situation. Most clients prefer service once a week. Other service schedules are available.

Are there any contracts to sign?

No, we can start and stop your service over the phone or email. We do not require contracts, there is no minimum service period and there is no advance notice required to cancel service.

Is there an extra charge for the first time cleaning?

New clients may be subject to an initial cleaning fee if there is an excessive amount of accumulation. Initial cleanup fees are a one time charge but if the yard has been maintained the initial cleanup fee will be waived.

Is it possible to get a one-time only service?

One-time only or short-term service can be easily arranged.

Do I have to be home when you clean my yard?

No, however we will need access to your yard. Please have your gate unlocked on your service day.

Can you work with my dog in the yard?

In most cases we will work with your dog in the yard. We get along well with dogs; however there are some cases when a dog will not allow us into the yard. If you know that your dog is not good with strangers, or it becomes apparent that your dog will not allow us to service your yard, we would then ask you to restrain or confine the dog.

What if I want to skip a day?

You will not be charged as long as you notify us by either phone or email a minimum of 24 hours prior to your scheduled date of service. If the dog will be gone from the yard for an extended period of time, contact us and we will gladly put your service on hold.

Do you work through the winter?

Yes, Dogs keep making their messes all year long and we will continue to clean up and remove dog waste throughout the winter. Winter clean up can be more popular than summer clean up. People like to be in their yards in the summer and like their pet waste removed on a more regular basis. They don't go in their yards much in the winter but do not like to have a huge mess to clean up when the snow melts.

Can I sign up in the winter?

Yes, We operate all year round and signing up can be done anytime.

What happens when it rains or snows?

Bad weather is a part of life, yet we usually can work through it. Very heavy snowfall or rainfall can stop us though. If the weather prevents us from servicing your yard, we will postpone that day's service until your next scheduled date of service.

How do I pay you?

Payments can be made by cash, etransfer, by calling and giving us your credit card number and we will process your payment for you, or with a credit card through Pay Pal:

What does your company mean by Satisfaction Guaranteed?

We know that our business depends on doing excellent work. We are working very hard to make our name mean reliable, high quality service but if there is ever a time when our service is not completely satisfactory, please let us know right away. We will make it right, either by coming back to re-clean the yard the same day or the next day or by crediting your account so you won't be charged.

There are certain circumstances where we are unable to guarantee service. We will always make every effort to clean in the best manner possible, but we cannot guarantee service under the following conditions:
  • non solid – loose stool
  • muddy areas
  • leaf covered areas
  • overgrown grass or weeds
  • areas with excessive trash or debris